May 2013

Neonatal Diarrhea in Calves

May 19, 2013

Neonatal diarrhea in cattle can have a number of infectious causes.  Many of them are self limited and will resolve on their own, BUT may kill a calf in the interim by causing severe dehydration.  We are posting this because we get a lot of emails about calves with diarrhea,  and know that we may not check our email [...]

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Girl Scout Camp for Heifers

May 10, 2013

Here is how we manage heifer calves in our operation: We designate a pasture or pen as Girl Scout Camp. Girl Scout Camp is only for young heifers; no young bulls to make “teenage pregnancies,” and no adult cows to bully the Girl Scouts.  All the heifers go into Girl Scout Camp at weaning (6 months) and stay there [...]

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