Dexters For Sale

All animals for sale are negative for Chondrodysplasia and PHA, (we do not market carriers of either known Dexter genetic lethal).  All animals qualify for ADCA, PDCA, or CDCA Registration.

We will gladly provide any known genotype for any trait, just let us know.  Although the A2 allele is very common in our herd, we have seen nothing published in support of the A2 hypothesis in over a decade.  Belle Fourche Farm makes no claim as to A2 milk making consumers “feel better,”  or A2 milk treating or preventing any disease. Because of this, we feel it would be unfair to advertise animals as A2 or to price them differently. Here is a review of current literature on A2 milk.

 Here is a sample of some of the calves we are expecting:

Belle Fourche Apple X Belle Fourche Clay
Belle Fourche Mon Chocolat X Belle Fourche Mon Coco


Belle Fourche Jessica

Belle Fourche Jessica

Belle Fourche Jessica   Reg #: 042691
Sex: Female   DOB: 2017-11-26
Sire: Belle Fourche Macintosh 027731
Dam: Hillview Jan ADCA 14130

This is a lovely heifer from Macintosh, and Hillview Jan - one of the last remaining Hillview cows.  Jan is 15 this year, and still as beautiful as ever.  Please look at her photos.  Jessica is homozygous polled and carries red.  She has her mother's deep body and overall "prettiness." Jan; her dam, Susie; her granddam, Sparklett; her great great granddam, Sparklett - have all made tremendous foundation cows for some of the best herds in the country.Throw in the fact that we have built our current herd around Belle Fourche Apple, Macintosh's dam, we feel Jessica would also be a terrific foundation cow.

Belle Fourche Saturday

Belle Fourche Saturday

Belle Fourche Saturday   Reg #: 042973
Sex: Female   DOB: 2017-10-25
Sire: Belle Fourche Macintosh 027731
Dam: RFA Hampton Kylie

Saturday is a correct heifer with great dispositions and udders on both sides. 

Belle Fourche  Norma Jean

Belle Fourche Norma Jean

Belle Fourche Norma Jean   Reg #: 029029
Sex: Female   DOB: 2012-06-14
Sire: Belle Fourche Clay ADCA 026721
Dam: Belle Fourche Hot Tamale 026775

This red, polled cow has some unique bulls in her pedigree, including Belle Fourche Clay and Serenity Oaks Farm Taco. She is a small, chunky little Dexter and an excellent mother.  Her udder is well-supported and her front udder attachment comes forward towards her navel, giving extra capacity and support.  Click on the photo for more info.

Belle Fourche Honey Bun

Belle Fourche Honey Bun

Belle Fourche Honey Bun   Reg #: 043045
Sex: Female   DOB: 2018-01-14
Sire: Belle Fourche Macintosh 027731
Dam: Hyatt’s Mis Ashlynn

This darling, red, polled heifer is from two of the sweetest parents ever. Her Mom, Ashlynn, is from our older bloodlines, and both sire and dam were  Belle Fourche breeding. We brought Ashlynn all the way from WA because we liked her so much.  Honey Bun also carries dun. 

Dexter Downs Kaitlyn

Dexter Downs Kaitlyn

Dexter Downs Kaitlyn   Reg #: 031757
Sex: Female   DOB: 2013-05-24
Sire: Belle Fourche Mr. Right ADCA 023857
Dam: Twin Springs Storm

This polled, black cow, is a daughter of Belle Fourche Mr. Right.  She is a chunky thing with a nice udder.  Her dam, Twin Springs Storm, has always been fascinating to us, as she was not from our breeding, but still had a great udder at 13 years of age.  We purchased Storm and two of her offspring.  We are selling Kaitlyn now because we are keeping her fantastic heifer calf from Mrald Absolutely Perfect, and also have straws from her brother.  


Children's Book

Children's Book

Children's Book   Reg #: 00000
Sex: Male
Sire: 00000
Dam: 00000

Follow Pink, a young Dexter cow, as she and her barnyard friends solve the mystery of the stable room monster. 


This book was written by our young neighbor.  It is a delightful story and features Dexter Cattle, as well as Jacob and Shetland Sheep, Colored Angora Goats, and Icelandic Horses.

Susanne Barnett is a 12 year old girl who loves working with farm animals. She also enjoys writing children's stories. She brought these two hobbies together through "Pink and the Mystery of the Stable Room Monster".  Susanne hopes children will not only enjoy the story but will also develop a love for some of the rare breeds of animals that live on American farms.