Dexters For Sale

Note:  Since we are posting our list of pending births, we are getting a lot of questions about “who has had what.”  So, we have started posting calves for sale as soon as they are born.

Looking for calves?

All animals for sale are negative for Chondrodysplasia and PHA, (we do not market carriers of either known Dexter genetic lethal).  All animals qualify for ADCA, PDCA, or CDCA Registration.

We will gladly provide any known genotype for any trait, so if you are looking for something in particular, let us know.  Although the A2 allele is extremely common in our herd,  Belle Fourche Farm makes no claim as to A2 milk making consumers “feel better,”  or A2 milk treating or preventing any disease. Because of this, we feel it would be unfair to advertise animals as A2 or to price them differently. Below is a sample of the most current literature on A2 milk.

 Here is a sample of some of the calves we are expecting:

Belle Fourche MonAmie X Mrald Overture
Belle Fourche Persephone X Belle Fourche Mon Coco
Hampton Reba X Hillview Red Wing
Hillview Frida X Dexter Downs Jaydon
Belle Fourche Hermione X Belle Fourche Macintosh
Mrald Sabrina Fair X Belle Fourche Macintosh
Belle Fourche Eloise X Belle Fourche Macintosh
Belle Fourche Virginia X Belle Fourche Mon Coco
Belle Fourche Penny Lane X Belle Fourche Mon Coco


Belle Fourche Beryl Rutherford

Belle Fourche Beryl Rutherford

Belle Fourche Beryl Rutherford
Sex: Female   DOB: 2015-09-18
Sire: Belle Fourche Lasair 025064
Dam: WWF Amber Belle

This homozygous polled red heifer has a very correct frame and both width and depth. She is the black nosed type of red.  Beryl's mother, Amber Belle, has a lovely udder with front udder attachment extending forward almost to the navel and rear udder  coming up high a wide between her rear legs. Her udder is balanced and teats are evenly spaced, (which is hard to find in Dexters with good front udder attachments; the teats end up mysteriously clustered in the rear).  The dam is not Belle Fourche, but is sired by a bull of our breeding; from Belle Fourche Leo and Hillview Jan; both remarkable animals you can see in our herdbook section.  And, even the maternal granddam has a very respectable udder and we own her in our herd.   Although we do not have a lot of Woodmagic breeding in our herd, this calf has some Woodmagic influence from her maternal side. We respect the major contributions Beryl Rutherford made to the breed and were delighted to name this calf after her.  It also fit because both Amber and Beryl are reddish colored stones . . .

Mary Belle

Mary Belle

Mary Belle
Sex: Female   DOB: 2015-09-02
Sire: Belle Fourche Ivanhoe
Dam: WWF Katie Belle

Mary Belle is a polled red heifer with a very correct frame, a leg in every corner, a level topline and tailhead, and lots of depth.  Mary Belle is the black nosed type of red. Her sire is a product of embryo transfer and was selected for breeding from a very outstanding cross of Mrald Overture and Belle Fourche Pippi, (you can look up both in our herdbook section).  Mary Belle's dam, Katie Belle, is a smaller cow, with one of the sweetest dispositions ever. She just wants to hug. She also doesn't mind standing for "Cowboy" photos, and letting multiple kids sit on her back.


Children's Book

Children's Book

Children's Book   Reg #: 00000
Sex: Male
Sire: 00000
Dam: 00000

Follow Pink, a young Dexter cow, as she and her barnyard friends solve the mystery of the stable room monster. 


This book was written by our young neighbor.  It is a delightful story and features Dexter Cattle, as well as Jacob and Shetland Sheep, Colored Angora Goats, and Icelandic Horses.

Susanne Barnett is a 12 year old girl who loves working with farm animals. She also enjoys writing children's stories. She brought these two hobbies together through "Pink and the Mystery of the Stable Room Monster".  Susanne hopes children will not only enjoy the story but will also develop a love for some of the rare breeds of animals that live on American farms.