Dexters For Sale

Spring has sprung with our first calf for 2014, Belle Fourche Jette, a little heifer from Hillview Jan and Belle Fourche Macintosh!

More spring babies! Pictured is Belle Fourche Eliza Fair, a pretty little girl from Belle Fourche Clay and Mrald Sabrina Fair,








All animals for sale are negative for Chondrodysplasia and PHA, (we do not market carriers).  All animals qualify for ADCA or PDCA Registration. Click on the animal’s photo or name for more information.


Ravenwood Madison

Ravenwood Madison

Ravenwood Madison   Reg #: 025017
Sex: Female   DOB: 2011-03-21
Sire: Circle H's Frederick ADCA 13691
Dam: Spring of Windy Acres

If you are  interested in improving both milking ability and udder conformation in your herd, this is your cow.  Her dam, Spring of Windy Acres, was a popular show cow in the Northwest, and undefeated in the udder class.  She was called "Spring the Wonder Cow."   You can see pictures of Spring at  Sadly, Spring died unexpected, having only produced 3 heifer calves, one of which went into an unregistered breeding program.  Spring was a tremendous milker and with that much milk comes a lot more stress on the udder's median suspensory ligament.  For this reason she was specifically bred to Circle H's Frederick, who is known to put very strong and tight median suspensory ligaments on his daughters.  The result was Raven wood Madison, and her udder is exactly as expected; truly one of the best udders in the breed, with a front udder attachment extending towards the navel, a level floor, even teat spacing, and strong median and rear udder suspension.  Madison will be available in late summer, after her calf is weaned. She is polled, black, and carries red. For those following the different beta casein genotypes, she is also homozygous A2.


WWF Ruby Belle

WWF Ruby Belle

WWF Ruby Belle   Reg #: 033718
Sex: Female
Sire: Masters Touch O'Shea
Dam: GPF Kate

This heifer has some outside lines on her dam's side and has a sire from our lines.  Her sire is a son of Belle Fourche Leo and Hillview Jan, both featured in our herdbook section.  She is a dark red, polled heifer with a black nose and has nice length of body. Click on Ruby Belle's name for more pictures and information.


Children's Book

Children's Book

Children's Book   Reg #: 00000
Sex: Male
Sire: 00000
Dam: 00000

Follow Pink, a young Dexter cow, as she and her barnyard friends solve the mystery of the stable room monster. 


This book was written by our young neighbor.  It is a delightful story and features Dexter Cattle, as well as Jacob and Shetland Sheep, Colored Angora Goats, and Icelandic Horses.

Susanne Barnett is a 12 year old girl who loves working with farm animals. She also enjoys writing children's stories. She brought these two hobbies together through "Pink and the Mystery of the Stable Room Monster".  Susanne hopes children will not only enjoy the story but will also develop a love for some of the rare breeds of animals that live on American farms.