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Name: Dexter Downs Red Robin Reg #: 030687
Sex: Female DOB: 2013-03-07
Sire: Belle Fourche Mr. Right ADCA 023857 Dam: Hillview Wendy ADCA 024936

Dexter Downs Robin

We were delighted to purchase Dexter Downs Red Robin, as we had always wanted a Wendy X Mr. Right heifer!  Wendy was one of our last Hillview cows, (from before Hillview and Belle Fourche merged). Red Robin is a smaller (red) version of Wendy; and just as milky!   (We have since also purchased Wendy back, and are flushing her for export embryos. I guess we just couldn’t part with this line.)

Robin at 9 years


Belle Fourche Washington, Robin's full brother