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Name: Hillview Jan Reg #: ADCA 14130
Sex: Female DOB: 2003-01-18
Sire: Hillview Cedric SS15 11624 Dam: HV Saltaire Susie ADCA 9962

Hillview Jan at 12 years of age.

Hillview Jan

Hillview Jan


Like her mother, HV Saltaire Susie, Jan has been a remarkable producer, with virtually every calf being exceptional.  You can see some of her offspring in Belle Fourche Austin, (who is listed under Circle H’s Frederick under Herdbook,) and Hillview Jemma (under Herdbook).   Her calves are typically very clean, as she has passed on her level tail set, clean neck, good topline, and nice feet.   Jan is a sweet cow and loves to be petted.  Most of her calves have had the same personality.