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Herdbook » Mrald Rambler’s Last Ride

Name: Mrald Rambler’s Last Ride Reg #: ADCA 020263
Sex: Male  
Sire: Hiyu Rambler 7115 Dam: Circle H’s Naomi 14733

Rider has a nice head and neck.

We offered this (de)horned black bull as an A.I. bull, but sold out of straws.   Mrald Rambler’s Last Ride has small adult size, good muscling, and exceptional dairy background. “Rider” is the last calf produced by Hiyu Rambler II, who had the unique combination of Saturn of Knotting (from the Knotting dairy in England) and Bedford Moss Rose, one of the very last remnants of the Bedford (Kellogg) line. Rider’s dam, Circle H’s Naomi, was a strong producer of 2.5 to 3 gallons a day of sweet, creamy milk with high butterfat. He is homozygous A2 and carries red.


Rider is also a very "typey" Dexter, with a small stature and shorter legged (but not dwarf) body style.


Heifer calf out of Rider with lots of depth and nice long hip.