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Name: Mrald Smarty Pants Reg #: 026795
Sex: Female DOB: 2009-12-17
Sire: Mrald Ringo Fire 022320 Dam: Mrald Katrina 022320

Mrald Smarty Pants as a yearling heifer.

This pretty girl delighted us when she freshened with a lovely udder, making her an ideal producer for our herd. We purchased her mother, Mrald Katrina, as a bred cow from Emerald Park Farm in Washington (Mrald herd) and Mrald Smarty Pants was born in Georgia.  A heifer this pretty is always a welcome addition to any herd and makes all the effort and expense of a purchase from 2,800 miles away, well worth it.

Mrald Smarty Pants as a two year old.

Smarty Pant's udder (the white markings make it difficult to photograph)