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Belle Fourche Lasair

Belle Fourche Lasair

Name: Belle Fourche Lasair Reg #: 025064
Sire: Belle Fourche Mr. Right ADCA 023857 Dam: Circle H’s Nutmeg ADCA 14731

Available for export! The is our second herd bull out of Circle H’s Nutmeg, this one sired by Belle Fourche Mr. Right.   We chose to do this cross to preserve some of the production characteristics of the dam, in a showier package. We produced 6 bulls of this cross from embryo transfer and natural mating. We chose this one to collect because he had the most depth and the most compact build. He also has a clean navel, good hoof angle, and a perfect top line with a clean tail  head, all of which are definite bonuses.  Lasair is homozygous polled and homozygous for A2 milk.  He has very high butterfat on both sides, and his dam and granddams were good milk producers. (His dam produced 3 to 3.5 gallons of distinctly sweet and creamy milk per day.) Lasair’s calves have been easy to work with,  and we have had good reports of improved dispositions over some flightier cows.  He has added body depth and heel depth to a number of A.I. calves we have seen. Click on his name for more photos.

This is the mother of the Lasair heifer pictured here. Notice the increased heel depth in the heifer compared to her mother.

Lasair heifer born in Australia