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Mrald Absolutely Perfect

Mrald Absolutely Perfect

Name: Mrald Absolutely Perfect Reg #: 034784
Sire: Circle H’s Frederick ADCA 13691 Dam: Mrald Dun to Perfection

CANADA ONLY: We call this bull “Absolute” for short. He is homozygous polled, homozygous e/e “true red,” homozygous A2, carries dun, and parentage verified to sire and dam. He was 36″ tall at 18 months of age and has stayed on the shorter side. He has that gregarious personality so many decendants of Taco seem to have, and acts more like a dog than a bull. He has a clean and level tail head, long hip, good hook to pin length/angle, nice depth, straight topline, and very good width between his legs – giving him a wide stance and “a leg in every corner.”  He has high milk production on his dam’s side and very high butterfat on his sire’s side.  

Absolute has nice depth

"Absolute" head shot

A group of "Absolute's" calves