Evelyn Anderson

July 11, 2013

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July 11, 2013: Evelyn passed away yesterday at 102 years of age. I visited her about two weeks ago, and while I was there we devoted at least an hour to examining pictures on my laptop. Most of the pictures were of her cows and their progeny and descendants sent to me by their current owners.  She always noticed so much about the animals conformation-wise, and still cared about all that at 102. When I met Evelyn, I had a new Dexter herd and she bought a couple cows from me. Evelyn raised high dollar Angus show-stock for many years and brought that knowledge base to Dexters. I learned a great deal about cattle selection from her, and we shared bulls and swapped heifers; and in the process she taught me to look at the animals critically and pair animals with the best complement of traits.  She was a petite woman, and she taught me how to do things in a kind, calm manner; rather than playing cowboy and getting hurt. She also practiced a zero tolerance policy for breeding animals with behavior problems.  Many of us have been touched by her, her knowledge, and her love of Dexters.  I know how much Evelyn taught me about cattle selection, animal husbandry, the meaning of a handshake, dating, cooking, life, travel, and even the loss of a loved one.  That last one is the lesson I will use today.  GN

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  1. Brianne on said:

    I am trying to find some information on my great grandmother Evelyn Anderson
    Please contact me thank you

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